How Window Washing Companies Help You

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, there are several good reasons to hire a window cleaning company. You will receive a trouble-free and flexible service that can save you time and money in the long run. We will adapt our service to your schedule, so you won’t be distracted by our window cleaning. You can also enjoy taking advantage of our expertise to improve your house or building’s curb appeal. If you hire Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting, you get the following perks:

Knowledge and Expertise

We have learned many things during our long years in the industry. We apply our experience and technical expertise during all of our cleaning jobs.

Time-Saving Option

You don’t need to take time away from your job to clean the windows. You can leave the window cleaning chores to our skilled window washers.

Money-Saving Option

By hiring a window cleaning company, you can avoid spending money on cleaning supplies and equipment. We will bring our own supplies once you hire us.


We do everything to secure the work area before we start washing. We do this to make sure no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged (or wet).

More Services

We do provide other cleaning services that can further improve your home or office.
We can offer these as part of a package with window washing.

What Our
Window Washers Can Do

Every professional window washer from Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting is equipped to clean your windows quickly and efficiently. And each knows the proper techniques to achieve that clean and clear finish to make the windows look brand new. While window cleaning may look easy, there is more to it than rubbing a cleaning solution onto the glass with a cloth.

External Window Cleaning

Strong weather, like rainfall and wind, can stain your windows easily and degrade the glass. We prevent this with thorough window cleaning.

Internal Window Cleaning

Windows can fog up easily at the slightest change in temperature during the day. With proper window cleaning, we can keep your windows clear.

Screen Cleaning

Your screen can catch a lot of dirt over time, making it harder for fresh air to come into your house. We’ll improve the airflow with our services.

Track Cleaning

Dirt that collects in your windows’ tracks can make opening them difficult. But once cleaned and cleared, they will open as if still brand new.

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