Bring New Life to Your Home with Door Restoration

This is a great paint job through door restoration on a simple wooden door in Canyon Lake, TX. They wanted base paint and just look at the difference!

With our door restoration and refinishing services, we can bring new life to faded doors to make them look like new again.

Exterior wood doors need special care, otherwise they can begin to fade and look worn out. Bring the life back to your doors and beautify your home easily with door restoration.


Sun Damage Be Gone!

UV rays and heat from direct sunlight takes its toll on exterior wooden doors over the years. Without door restoration, your once beautiful wooden door can begin to fade and crack. This could throw your home's curb appeal and become frustrating to correct. A DIY door restoration job can lead to more problems done the road, so trust the pro's!

Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting can fix and protect your home's wooden doors with our expert door restoration and refinishing services. Call us today for a free quote on door restoration.

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