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Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning

Every home or business needs a window cleaning every now and then to maintain its curbside appeal. When it comes to commercial & residential window cleaning, sometimes the windows on a multiple-story building can be hard to reach. At Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting, we promise to take care of your window cleaning needs, no matter how high!

Our residential window cleaning professionals can help you make your home look brand new. Our team will remove each screen, clean the tracks and scrub each window thoroughly before finishing with a free coat of Rain-X.

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Drywall Repair

If your home or business has drywall damage you may be leaving your walls susceptible to pests, moisture, and even structural damage. Our team is experts when it comes to drywall repair and they know exactly what it takes to protect your home.

Whether you need a commercial or home drywall repair job, Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting has you covered!

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Pressure Washing & Power Washing

Before any important job, pressure washing or power washing is most likely the necessary first step. Unlike pressure washing, power washing uses not only pressure but heat to help lift dirt and grime. Power washing deck or brick can make any home look brand new.

Completing a pressure washing or power washing job on your own can be dangerous and can even result in serious home damage. Our team at Kleen Windows & Hill Country recommends hiring professionals to ensure your job gets done safely and correctly.

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Deck Restoration

Harsh weathering can wreak havoc on any deck. The Texas sun combined with rain and morning dew can cause your deck to shrink and swell, making it look worn out. 

Transform your old deck into one you’re proud of again! Once our team determines the best possible quote for you, our professionals can get started. Adding a deck sealer will prevent your deck from future weathering for longer. Adding a semi-oil-based coat will give it a shine that you’ll be sure to love. Speak with our professionals to see what is right for you!

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Exterior Painting

Whether you are in need of a paint job or just simple advice about exterior painting, we are the right company for you! Our team can paint stucco, wood, brick, and more! Our house painters in New Braunfels, TX are dedicated to helping you create the home of your dreams. Painting the exterior of your house can dramatically increase its curbside value.

Our team is ready to take on any job! Call and see why Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting are some of the top house painters in New Braunfels, TX.

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Soft Roof Washing

Many homeowners may be unaware of just how crucial soft roof washing is. If you do not regularly clean your roof, organisms such as algae and lichen will begin to grow on your shingles. The term for this is called gloeocapsa magma and if it isn’t fixed it will eventually eat through your roof and cause health problems.

Getting your roof soft-washed is a great way to prepare ahead and prevent gloeocapsa magma. If you see visible black streaks on your roof, give us a call and we will give you a free quote.

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Mold & Mildew Removal

Mold is not only an eye-sore but it can also be damaging to your and your family's health. Our professionals thoroughly clean and disinfect all mold & mildew spots on not only your home but your outdoor sun screens. Protect your family and the structural integrity of your home by hiring Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting for your mold & mildew removal, today!

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Wood Repair

Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting provides top-of-the-line care when it comes to our wood repair and staining services. Our company offers wood staining as well as wood sealing so that your wood is protected from any weathering. The professionals here at Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting also recommend applying a coat of stain to the wood on your home to protect it from any mold and mildew that may come from moisture. 

Our team will give you the best advice and will include you every step of the way so that the job gets done just the way you like!

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Epoxy Floor Restoration

Applying epoxy can transform and protect any basic concrete floor. Once your concrete has an epoxy layer, it is not as prone to chips and surface abrasions as it was before. Our team recommends adding epoxy to the concrete in your garage to give it the ultimate protection for years to come. Once you see your concrete with epoxy you will see why clients choose Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting for their Epoxy Floor Restoration.

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Door Restoration

Although door restoration can be a great way to raise a home’s curb appeal, if professionals do not do it, it can cause worse issues down the road. A door can be damaged by several things such as water, UV rays, or simple erosion from the weather. It is important to hire a professional team that can bring your door to life. 

Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting does not disappoint when it comes to door restoration. Get in touch with our team today and receive a free quote!

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