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If you are having trouble removing stubborn spots of dirt, grime, or mold, then a pressure wash is the perfect solution. What could take days to remove by hand will only take moments with a pressure washer. Your home’s exterior, and the areas surrounding it, will shine once we are finished washing.

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Effective Canyon Lake Pressure Washing Services

Sometimes getting up close and personal with the stains just won’t do. No matter how hard or how often you clean, the dirt, grime, or mildew never seems to come off completely. But with the help of our Canyon Lake pressure washing services, you will see all these dirt-filled problem spots removed with the precise and efficient use of pressure.

The pressure will be strong enough to remove even the most stubborn stains that have built up over a long period.

But it is not so strong that it will cause damage to your Canyon Lake home or other outdoor features. Once we finish washing your home’s patio, walls, and concrete areas, you will notice their natural color returning.

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Canyon Lake Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

A pressure washer is an excellent tool to use for window cleaning as well as pressure washing. It allows the water and cleaning soap to get under the dirt or mold to then scrape it off the window glass and sill.

Whether you are getting ready to move into a new house that needs pressure washing or your current home just needs a little extra care, our team from Kleen Windows & Hill Country Painting is more than ready to take on the task.

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