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Kleen Windows’ Wimberley Deck Restoration Service

Refurbish your deck with our Wimberley deck restoration services and reclaim your outdoor space. We will also reseal your deck to ensure it will remain looking good as new for the next few years.

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Why You Must Clean Your Deck

The harsh Texas climate can damage your deck over time. It will lose its color, be covered in mold and mildew, or possibly become infested. If you do not clean and take care of it, your deck will become unattractive. It will look worn out at best or will start falling apart at worst.

With the proper cleaning and maintenance, whether by your own hands or our Wimberley cleaning team, you can prevent your deck’s deterioration. For example, when we assist with our Wimberley deck restoration service, we replace rotten wood and reapply a protective layer of paint or stain.

If you don’t have time to deep clean your deck, we can take care of it before starting the deck restoration.

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Wimberley Deck Restoration

We fully understand that your outdoor deck is a big investment for you and your home. Not only does a deck improve the look of your home’s backyard, but it also increases the value of your home if you plan to sell it in the future.

Our Wimberley deck restoration service will protect your investment in multiple ways. We can repair and restore your deck when needed, making it look as good as new once we are done working on it.

Deck Restoration Service
wimberley-deck restoration

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If you want to give your deck the love and attention it deserves, we can help clean, restore, and refinish it in Wimberley, Texas. Contact Kleen Windows & Country Hill Painting today and get a FREE quote.

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